2019-12-19 18:20:24

    UPDATE 19.12.2019:
    1. Client anticheat has been changed.
    2. You can't destroy guild during the war.
    3. Time was increased for skills: Aura of the Sword,Berserk,Strong Body,Enchanted Blade,Fear,Protection,Buffs.
    4. The skills guild bug during the war has been solved.
    5. Now you can create a guild with 11 characters.
    6. Now in Farm Map and Christmas Farm you can't do PVP.
    7. Now, at each dungeon you receive 2x coins(2x Azrael coin etc).
    8. The Turkish, German, Polish and Portuguese languages ​​were completely translated.

    1. Protectia la client a fost schimbata.
    2. Nu mai poti sparge breasla in timpul razboiului.
    3. A fost marit timpul la skill-uri: aura,iures,corp,tais,teama,protectie,buff-uri.
    4. Bug-ul la skill-uri in timpul warului a fost rezolvat.
    5. Acum poti creea breasla cu 11 caractere.
    6. Nu mai poti face PVP in Mapa Farm si Christmas Farm.
    7. Acum la fiecare dungeon primiti 2 monede(2x Moneda Azrael etc)
    8. S-a tradus complet limba turca,germana,poloneza si portugheza.