2020-02-06 00:30:19

    UPDATE 05.02.2020:
    1. New Valentine’s Day Event and features:
    -Chocolate is only dropable in ‘Valentine’s Farm’ map which can be found on the 2nd page inside the Teleportation Ring
    -Chocolate can be used to buy costumes/hairs/effects/titles/weapon skins from ‘Valentine’ NPC which can be found in Map1 of each kingdom
    2. The Stone of Monsters now offers +40% Strength against Monsters (which makes farm way easier than before)
    3. A new Fishing Event has been added which gives you the opportunity to win the following prizes: Dragon Costume/Hair, 5 DC vouchers, Dungeon Coins
    4. New items available from Hwa-Hee: a new costume, a new hair and a new effect (all of them can be obtained by purchasing them with Dungeon Coins)
    5. A new Random Number Event has been added. It will automatically be hosted every 2 hours.
    6. The winners of the weekly 2v2 PvP & Guild Tournament events will now also receive a new costume in addition to the current prizes.
    7. The weekly 1v1 PvP event has been updated to an automatic system that makes the event so much easier now. It will be called Dojang from now on and it will be hosted every Saturday, just as usual


    1. S-a adaugat evenimentul Valentine's Day:
    -Pe inelul de teleportare(pagina 2) veti gasi "Valentine's Farm" unde puteti dropa ciocolata.
    -Cu ciocolata puteti cumpara costume/freze/efect/titluri/skin-uri de arma de la "Valentine" pe care il gasiti in map1 din fiecare regat.
    2. Acum piatra monstrilor ofera 40% tare impotriva monstrilor.
    3. S-a adaugat un nou eveniment de pescuit la care puteti dropa:
    -Monede dungeon(moneda razador,nemere etc).
    -Costum/Freza Dragon(
    -Voucher 5 MD.
    4. La Hwa-Hee s-a adaugat un costum, o freza si un fum nou pe care le puteti cumpara cu monede din dungeon. (
    5. S-a adaugat evenimentul random number automat din 2 in 2 ore.
    6. S-au adaugat costume pentru evenimentul 2vs2 si pentru turneul breslelor. (
    7. S-a adaugat evenimentul dojang pe rase care o sa se desfasoare in fiecare sambata.