2021-02-05 10:32:58

    Patch notes v1.4

    Dear community,

    Following the maintenance on 05.02.2021,
    the following changes have been made:

    1. Items which you buy with Dungeon Coins is permanent now.
    2. Was added battle pass which you can buy with 50 Dragon Coins and you must complete the missions.
    2.1. You can win: 350 Dragon Coins + a new costume+hair+weapon + other permanent items. (
    3. Was added a new dungeon "Hydra", you can find it on "D" button on minimap.
    3.1. For Hydra you need to have a group of 5 and "Hydra Ticket" which cost 300 rop2 coins.
    3.2. On Hydra Dungeon you need to defence the ship and you can win: custom costume piece / custom hair piece / dragon coins.
    3.3. With piece you can buy custom costume and custom hair from Hwa-Hee. (
    4. PvP Damage has been reduced, just in general fights.(on 1vs1 and PvM is same damage.)
    5. On PvP Maps: Sohan Mount / Desert / Grotto Of Exile / Fight Map, you cant attack other players from other kingdom or with free. You can do just duels.
    6. Was added a new system with you can add items fast in trade/storage/item-shop and vice versa with right click on item. (
    7. Was added a new system with which you can access npc from distance.(like in dungeon or other map where don't exist npc) (
    8. Re-Enter bug in dungeons was solved.
    9. Winter map has been removed.
    10. Ingame translator with pressed ctrl was solved.
    11. Was added ip restriction at Battle Royale.
    12. The problem with frequent crashes has been solved.
    13. Skill P was added at Hong-Hae npc.