2021-03-18 15:19:45

    Patch notes v1.6

    Dear community,

    Following the maintenance on 18.03.2021,
    the following changes have been made:

    1. Because we listen to the players' suggestions and many of you have complained that the damage is very high with full items in the itemshop, we added 20k HP on all Pets (including those in the game).
    2. From now on at Azrael and Nemere you can drop 10 Dragon Coins 100%.
    3. In Beran-Setaou and Razador chance at 5 Dragon Coins increased at 90%.
    4. A description has been added to the Battle Pass.
    5. The HP on the Jotun Armors has been reduced to 3k.
    6. A 5 Dragon Coins Voucher was added to the Roulette from the game.
    7. A new PvP Farm system has been added, which consists of: when you make a kill you have a chance (random) to receive 1 PvP Point.
    When you collect 30 PvP Points you receive 5 Dragon Coins, and at each PvP Point you receive 40 ROP2 Coins.
    8. 5 Dragon Coins were added to Random Number and Random Text as a prize.
    9. Was added a 5 second cooldown to hide costume / hair / skin / backpack.
    10. You can no longer unequip the hair during the duel.
    11. Top Damage was reseted.


    Patch notes v1.5

    Dear community,

    Following the maintenance on 11.03.2021,
    the following changes have been made:

    1. Was solved battle pass mission with battle royale participate.
    2. Was sovled daily quests with monsters kills.
    3. Was added a new system with top1,2,3 at PvP, Battle Royale and Top Damage. (
    4. Aura sword + strong body bug was solved.
    5. Fishing was solved.
    6. Was added an effect when hide costum/hair/skin/backpack.
    7. Was added a ring from which you can receive perfect pvp items for general fights or tactical duel.
    7.1. You can find this ring at General Store -> General or when create a new character.
    8. Stars from the name are made easier.